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I'm a designer who illustrates

and this has revealed to me to break, a little, the structural rules of what an identity design «should be». But my search is inspired by everything that «could be». I'm going beyond what a manual says. I dare. 

In my illustrated designs I go for the great,

the strong and the colorful. I am dedicated to it; I want above all, to resonate in people by delighting them. To achieve this, throughout my professional life I have been refining my creative skills; but also the intangibles that complement the correlation of my Being with what I achieve my client can experience their ability to «create».

I'm very intuitive

(I think this condition has been underestimated). I connect with it to meet you, to express you. The talented entrepreneur who wants freedom by living from their passion. I make you recognize yourself in your project, so you can be perceived by others the way you want. You resonate from who you are. By giving you the value you have with your role in the society where you develop. The world needs you; show yourself so they can found you.

My experience
has told me

that starting this way may seem unattainable; as if what you'll dream is bigger than the reality you experience. 
In this sense, my force is creativity, free of compelling thoughts. This accompaniment is going to reveal you. So that you will know a new way to assume challenges. You are already thinking in a linear way; it is your turn to go to the next step. From now on I will teach you to use creative thinking, the one that hits with new approaches with which you catch the most suitable and effective solutions. I will take you out of your "comfort zone". You will confirm that what was holding you back were doubts about yourself. «Get out of your head and get in the game» Tony Robbins once said.

I consider myself a translator of your ideas,

those that float in your mind and you haven't understood, nor have you been able to express them. My goal is to represent them in the tangible by drawing them, expressing them with illustration, so that you can look at them and together  communicate them to others. That is where you will start from. Your new path that will give you new possibilities.

It's a challenge,

I know

But if you're reading this about me right now, it's because something in you is ready for this unique journey.

I want to know
your project,

your dreams. I want to find ways to help you. I invite you to start by booking an online coffee with me.

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